Velislava Ilieva Stoyanova
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About Me

Hi there!
My name is Velislava,Villi for short, or mamaOOD in DA.
As an artist, I stick to the classical plain paint and paper technique using mainly watercolors and acrylic. Devoted to creating multiple characters and stories in detailed character designs and reviews; Photoshop I use mainly for decoration or cosmetic finishing touches.

There is no limit to the subject matter of depiction, whatever springs to mind.

More Bio Info

Locked in an international art contest ("Dreams", Sweden 2007) and won gold medal, first place.
Plus some small town local achievements - wining a slogan competition being the main font and picture designer.
Not commissioned yet.

Personal Info

Working girl.
Open-minded, chatty, charming.
Loves traveling,good company and good food.
Addicted to anime.
Science geek in disguise.
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